Creating and Promoting Compelling Content Through Blogging

There are many ways to add content to your WordPress website. You can add webinars, ebooks, case studies and even white papers. However, these can sometimes be very time intensive to create. One of the easiest ways I’ve found to get additional content into your website that both your visitors and the search engines will like is through blogging. But there are a few things to keep in mind when starting this kind of content creation endeavor.

In this presentation, I will discuss how to define your website marketing goals, understand your audience and how to get your executives and your team members involved in the content creation, publication and promotion process through blogging. I will touch on what makes content compelling, how to generate topic ideas and how to taking action by executing an editorial and engagement calendar.

Of course, creating content is only the first step. Your content might be groundbreaking, but the search engines & prospective buyers might need help finding it. To wrap up this presentation, I will share methods for distributing & promoting your compelling content. An outcome of this presentation is that you have an understanding of the steps required to produce and then get your valuable content noticed by search engines, key influencers and your ideal customers!