Structuring Content in WordPress

Take your site out of the Wysiwyg box with custom fields! In today’s age
of unlimited devices, structuring your content is more important than
ever. Fortunately, WordPress has many tools for you to break your content
into manageable blocks that can be served up together on one page or
divided and sent out to mobile, API, or anywhere else.

In this session you will learn how to create custom fields with the
Advanced Custom Fields plugin. We will discuss planning out your fields
and content types (an important practice known as content modeling);
explore the code necessary to display and relate fields and posts; and
finally look at some examples of custom fields on sites to solve
real-world problems. You will leave this session with a new appreciation
for how robust of a CMS WordPress can be, and lots of new ideas on how to
structure your content in a way that is easy for you to create, and easy
for your clients to manage.