How I Became a WordPress Hacker

4 years ago I co-founded a company called Tuna Traffic. I learned fast that a key factor to our success would be our ability to customize WordPress Themes and Plugins without writing a lot of code. I wanted to be an SEO Super Geek, but I couldn’t accomplish that without being able to build the site that met my list of requirements and crushed the customer’s expectations….Thus, I started my path to become a world class “WordPress Hacker”.

Generally speaking , you have 3 different places where “hooks” live (not counting near fishing poles or on Captain Hook): WordPress Core, Themes and Plugins.

You will learn 3 things from from me during this talk:

  • Why the struggle is part of the journey.
  • How an “action” allows you to “do something” to insert something at a “checkpoint”.
  • How a “filter” allows you to “filter the result” and return something different at a “fancy checkpoint”.

When you walk away from this discussion, you will be ready to enter the world of world class WordPress hacking. Think of me as your expert angler or, dare I say, WordPress Hacker, here to guide and inspire you as you start “hooking” all on your own.