David Kocol

I’m a videographer. I have a wordpress site, know how to change things. I am NOT a developer, so I stay away from the WPdevelopment. I am a novice and supporter of WP.

After 27 years with Xerox, I left Corporate America and am working to create a new position in the new Global economy. I am a Videographer, Media Coach and Speaker. I was on my way to becoming a Professional Speaker when I fell in love, again, with video and what it can do.

I learned Television at TV14, the West Allis Cable access channel. I’ve been shooting great video for the past 2 years. As a small business owner, I want to share the message of how effective video can be, especially in small, digestable, 30 second bits.

Video, as a medium, while recognized as such, is frequently misunderstood. Pre

Web: DavidKocol.com

Twitter: @dkocol