Rachel Magario

Accessibility expert, Interaction Designer, Inclusion advocate

Rachel has been involved with accessibility consulting and advocacy since the early 2000s. She has worked with wordpress development since 2008. Throughout the years Rachel served as an accessibility consultant to several university related projects, non-profit and small business sites that were required to comply with section 508. However, soon she realized through her experience that accessibility issues often involve problems of usability that affects anyone who access information. When Rachel started her Masters in Interaction Design she also experienced the lack of accessibility in the design tools that produce inaccessible outcomes. Since then as the first totally blind interaction designer, Rachel has made her mission to research and develop of models and prototypes in accessible user experience. She enjoys working closely with designers and developers to ensure standards are met, but also to create awareness of the importance of accessible user experience. Her dream is that usability and accessibility can be considered from the start of a project and not as an after thought. she believes this would open the door for access of information and also of accessible tools, so her and others can pursue their careers of choice and live with the dignity that should be the right of every human.

Web: rachelmagario.com

Twitter: @rachelmagario