What Are Other WordCamps Around the World Like?

WordCamp Milwaukee 2014 has been organized by local volunteers who love WordPress, and the same basic format has been used to develop similar events in other areas. Every WordCamp is assisted by the WordPress Foundation, and they are a nonprofit organization that was created with the intention of helping WordPress move forward with its mission of democratizing publishing via their open-source project. In other words, anyone who already loves WordPress or wants to learn how to use it can receive assistance by attending one of these events due to the presence of skilled volunteers and the WordPress Foundation.

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What Can I Expect from WordCamp?

Although each WordCamp event varies slightly due to the specific people involved, there are many similarities between each of these gatherings. For example, WordCamp Chicago 2013 featured more than 50 diverse speakers, including one of the founding developers of WordPress. Attendees were able to listen to each of the speakers discussed many relevant topics during panels such as The Zen of Freelancing and WordPress Business Owners. There were also several informative discussions about everything from SEO to content strategy. Each of the three days of WordCamp Chicago were packed with educational tracks, and this enabled people of all skill and interest levels to receive invaluable information that can help them get more out of WordPress.

What Do Volunteers Do?

Volunteers are a critical component of each WordCamp, and they are utilized in a wide variety of different ways based on their availability and technical skills. For example, WordPress and video gurus help keep the event running smoothly by assisting with panels and answering questions. Each event also has a high need for more basic assistance such as working at the registration desk, setting up and cleaning up. Attendees who are interested in volunteering should sign up immediately before each available spot is filled. It is important to note that volunteering is one of the absolute best ways to ensure that each WordCamp will be successful enough to be repeated in the future. After all, without enough help, it is impossible to put on events of this nature.

What Have Been the Top Perks of Attending Previous WordCamps?

Having the opportunity to attend panels and educational tracks is definitely one of the main highlights of each WordCamp, but this is not the only positive benefit that attracts people to these events. In fact, many attendees actually prefer the fact that attending WordCamp helps them connect with a large group of like-minded people. Therefore, each previous WordCamp has provided attendees with the ability to network with each other, and the lunch break that is built into each day is the perfect time to socialize and meet new potential business connections. Additionally, most attendees stay in the local area, and this opens up the option to network with people after hours at nearby restaurants and other establishments.

We hope to see you at THIS YEAR’S event!

Scott O.