Why Choose the WordPress Content Management System?

The organizers of WordCamp Milwaukee use WordPress as the technology platform on which we build business websites.  We do not use our own proprietary content managements because we believe strongly in the use of open source technology. As a modern web developer, designers and marketers, it’s a big part of who we are and how we do business.

It’s Easy to Use

WordPress will give you the ability to update the various pages of your websites, such as news items, case studies, FAQs and any other types of content on your website. One of the reasons the WordCamp organizers chose to develop websites on the WordPress platform is because of how easy WordPress makes it for us to teach our clients how to manage their own websites.

On average, it takes us only a few hours to get our clients fully trained on how to keep their website content up-to-date. Of course, if there are any new features desired after launching a website,  it easy to program additional functionality. From our experience, our clients have been pleased with the flexibility and power of WordPress and rarely have to rely on us for help in maintaining their websites.

It’s Free to Use

In addition to the freedom from licensing costs and restrictions, with WordPress, you get full access to the source code. This means that any changes can be made without reliance on any one particular web developer. There are thousands of web design companies across the world who know how to develop websites using WordPress, so you would not be limited to working with just one company who only understands how to work with their own proprietary code.

It’s Well Supported

Some web development companies talk about “custom code” or using their own “in-house CMS.” We strongly recommend staying aways from these types of “closed source” proprietary solutions in order to avoid vendor lock-in where only one specific company has the ability to host the website or to address security vulnerabilities as they arise.

Based on these principles, we standardized on using WordPress as our content management system of choice. It is a popular open source platform that millions of business websites, large and small, rely on every day.

It’s Continually Improved

By using WordPress, a developer can build your site quickly and can easily add additional features at any time.  Another reason we chose WordPress is because it is constantly being updated and maintained. WordPress has developers all over the world contributing to its continual improvement. It is already a great system and it’s getting even better every day.

We hope you will come to experience it for yourself at this year’s WordCamp Milwaukee! Tickets are on sale today.

Scott Offord
WordCamp MKE